ARRMA Office Solutions

Online Office Support


Serbia - Belgrade

ARRMA Business Offices Support is an virtual office solution and business support centre. We can provide you with professional business support without the usual overheads of running an office.


Our virtual office is ideal:

- If you need an office identity but not a physical office.

- If you have a start-up business and want to test the waters before tying down capital.

- For specialized or short term project.

- For foreign firms which need a representing office at minimal cost.


- The address for your business

- The address for receiving mail - transfer to your address

- Offices support


Payment for 3 months in advance

- Fixed pricing: The customer pays a flat rate for services no matter what.

- Variable pricing: The customer pays a fixed price at the low end of a supplier's provided service, but allows for some variance in pricing based on providing higher levels of services

Online registration:

After sending an online application, you will receive the payment instructions, the virtual office address, and other necessary information to your e-mail address.