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The service provides information for specific products or services. The Consulting Service answers questions such as the overall marketability of a product or service, market trends and size, customary distribution and promotion practices, market entry requirements, regulations, product standards and registration, key competitors, and potential agents, distributors, or strategic partners. Companies have the flexibility to design their own question.

Our business support services:
- Financial and legal advisory services
- Market research
- Mail dispatch
- Translations
- Presentations
- Any other requirements on request


The decision to outsource usually stems from a focus on lowering costs and improving the efficient
allocation of resources within a company. Outsourcing allows a company to redirect its attention to its
own competencies and hire outside resources to handle other tasks.
However, outsourcing requires a high degree of management control in order to be effective. Outsourcing
involves subcontracting parts of a company's value-chain, (i.e. steps in the design, supply,
production, marketing, sales, and services processes) to other companies or contractors that specialize
in those activities. Through outsourcing agreements, the client company hires separate companies to
perform specific tasks in the value-chain on its behalf.
Outsourcing has impacted practically all sectors of the business world. Nearly every business has at
least one or more functions to outsourcing. Serbia can be seen as one of the best outsourcing
destinations in perspective.
Outsourcing to Serbia offers many advantages, allows companies to seek out and hire the best experts
for specialized work. Using outsourcing also helps companies keep more cash on hand, freeing resources
for other purposes. It's also often cheaper in terms of salaries and benefits and reduces risks and
costs. Serbia offers benefits to potential investors. A simple procedure for the establishment and
registration of companies / Low cost of operation / Simple procedure of foreign trade and foreign
investment / Professional and skilled workforce / A stable financial system / Favorable tax system /
Free Trade Agreements.

As a service provider, our core services comprise business consultancy, and the formation and business
support of companies in Serbia. We provide not only full services for registration new company, but
also management of companies. We set standards in the protection of your personal interest and provide
a professional and confidential environment, which is essential for your successful business. We
understand the numerous challenges clients face when dealing with governmental regulatory agencies.

Outsourcing activities include:
- business administration, finance and accounting
- customer support and service,
- human resource management,
- management control,
- marketing,
- research,
- industry-specific Services.


- Fixed pricing: The customer pays a flat rate for services + /optional/ cost of doing business.
There are other various ways to structure pricing within an Outsourcing, Consulting and Management
Services contract, including:
- Unit pricing: The vendor determines a set rate for a particular level of service, and the client pays
based on its usage of that service.
- Fixed pricing: The customer pays a flat rate for services no matter what.
- Variable pricing: The customer pays a fixed price at the low end of a supplier's provided service,
but allows for some variance in pricing based on providing higher levels of services.
- Cost-plus: The contract is written so that the client pays the supplier for its actual costs, plus a
predetermined percentage for profit.


Our team consists of economists, lawyers, professors, marketing managers, business administrators, and
business managers that can provide you with consulting and other services useful for your business.
Our team consists of:
- Milenko Milosevic , - Professor. - Senior Advisor
- Nikolina M. Radonjic, - Specialist in Business Management and Marketing - Project Manager
- Milos Rebic, Lawyer, - Advisor for legal affairs
- Gordana M. Rakinic, - Journalist - Advisor for public affairs
- Branka Novakovic , - Economist - Advisor for economic affairs


We work just like your own office, you can hire an experienced and talented virtual assistant who work
dedicatedly for you, under your instructions as your virtual support assistant.


There is a wide range of business activities that our team of business administrators can perform in
the advantage of your newly established business.
In the field of office administrative work
- Planning and organizing of office work and administration
- Receiving, arranging, forwarding, archiving of all mail
- Archiving documentation
In the field of business correspondence and communication
- Work with current mail and documents
- Preparing and issuing different kinds of submissions, requests, applications and proposals at your
request and instruction
- Performing written and oral communication with clients, banks, committees, tax and other services at
your request and instruction
- Organizing other applicable business activities
In the field of Bookkeeping
- Cashier related work
- Taking care of expenses, taxes, and other fiscal obligations
- Collecting accounting documents and submitting to the journal entry


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